1500 sq ft house plans indian style

1500 sq ft house plans 3 bedroom Indian style

This is a 1500 sqft house plan with 3 bedrooms, a living area, kitchen and a large parking area. This house plan is very nice, big and well equipped. While designing this plan, every little thing has been taken care of which is necessary and due to which our work becomes easy. Both the interior and exterior of this plan have been designed. This is the North facing house plan.

1500 sq ft house plans indian style

The plan has a parking area first where you can park your vehicle and a staircase has also been made in this area from which you can go up to the terrace. The size of this entire area is 16x19.

Now on entering the house comes the hall or living area which is well furnished and designed. Its size is 16x14, here you can keep a sofa set, you can put a TV, couch, whatever you like, all those things can be saved. 

Indian bungalow designs 1500 sq ft

From here onwards comes the dining area, which is made in an area of 16x7, where you can place a dining table, then on going beyond this comes the kitchen which is a modular kitchen, in which all types of modern fittings and facilities are available. The size of the kitchen is 10x8 and a small store room has also been made adjacent to it, whose size is 6x4.

This plan has 3 bedrooms and all three are made of one line. First comes the master bedroom, whose size is 11x16, here you can place a double bed, TV can be installed and this room also has an attached washroom, whose size is 6x4. 

1500 sq ft house plans 3 bedroom Indian style

After this comes the next bedroom, whose size is 11x10, and after that comes the third bedroom which is 11x10. In each of these rooms, you may preserve a bed and make a dresser. A shared or common washroom has been built in between them, whose size is 6x4.

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