Open Concept Barndominium Floor Plans

Monday, September 5, 2022

Open Concept Barndominium Floor Plans

Open Concept Barndominium Floor Plans 5 bedroom with garage

What is a barndominium? Barndominium floor plans 5 bedroom is an open concept steel building that is constructed in many different ways. In this type of house plan, the workspace and living area are made together, which is very convenient. Barndominium floor plans take up a lot of space and these plans also have a porch, in some plans, the porch is covered and in some it is open. In the last few years, barn dominium has become very popular and people also like to build such houses.

Barndominium Floor Plans

Today in this post we will tell you about the 5 bedroom barndominium plans. In this plan, a playground has been made for the children to play and a porch is also made in the area of 31×37 feet. In this plan, both the living room and the kitchen are built together, this is a huge area.

The family area remains very large in a barndominium floor plans. The pantry area is also made adjacent to the kitchen. There is also a big playroom built inside the house in this house plan in which you can play indoor games like snooker board, carrom board, etc.

Barndominium Open floor plans 5 bedrooms with shop

A master bedroom is built in this plan, the size of this bedroom is 20×20. This is the largest bedroom. The attached washroom and walk-in closet are also made in this room. Including the master bedroom, there are 5 bedrooms in this plan. If your family is big then this plan is very good for you, if you have 4 children and your parents also live then this floor plan will be very good for you. The attached washroom and walk-in closet will be seen in 5 bedrooms.

Open Concept Barndominium Floor Plans

If you want, the interior decoration of this plan can also be done, which will make this plan look even more attractive and attractive. This is a special thing about Barndominium plans that these plans remain very spacious and luxurious.

50x80 barndominium floor plans

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