barndominium kits

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

barndominium kits

What are barndominium kits?

A barndominium kit is a pack that is intended to assist with peopling fabricating their own barndominium. The group incorporates the materials as a whole and the directions expected to construct the design.

This is a modern small barndominium floor plan with 1 living area, 2 bedrooms, etc. Barndominium floor plans are very spacious and comfortable. In this article, we are going to tell you about a small barndominium floor plan. This is a 2-bedroom small barndominium floor plan with all modern fittings and amenities. In this type of floor plan, there is a lot of space in the living and dining areas, both of which are made together.

barndominium kits

Ground Floor Barndominium 

Barndominium floor plans are very nice and convenient. At the beginning of this small barndominium plan comes the first family room, whose size is 17×18, here you can install a TV, and you can also make a cabinet for it. Here you can keep a sofa set and then keep whatever things you want according to your interior. The dining table can also be kept in the living area itself because it is made so that you can use it in both ways.

Small Barndominium Plans with Garage

After this comes the kitchen which is 11×14 in size and is a modular kitchen. In this kitchen, you will see all kinds of modern fittings and facilities that make your daily work easier. There is also a wash area adjacent to the kitchen, whose size is 5×6. After the kitchen, now we move on to the master bedroom, whose size is 12×14. In this room, you can put a TV, a double bed, and a walk-in closet which is 6×10 in size. And there is also an attached washroom in this room, whose size is 8×6.

First Floor Barndominium

After this comes the second bedroom whose size is 12×10. This is a common bedroom, in this room you can put a TV, keep a double bed and keep whatever decorative items you want to keep. This comes from the common washroom, whose size is6×10. This floor plan is very good, even after being built in a small area, this plan is very well made and has been designed keeping in mind every small and big detail.

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