15x40 house plan

Friday, September 23, 2022

15x40 house plan

15x40 house plan 2bhk 15 feet by 40 feet house plans
  • 600 Sqft
  • 1 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 1 Hall
  • 1 Park

Plan description

15 feet by 40 feet house plans

This is a 15x40 house plan. This plan has 1 bedroom, a hall, a kitchen, and a porch area. This is a modern house plan with all types of modern fittings and facilities. This is a 1bhk ground floor plan. This house plan is built in an area of 600 square feet.
At the beginning of this plan, there is a porch, which is 5x6 in size and there is also a staircase, which can go up to the terrace. On entering the house through the porch, comes the hall or living area, whose size is 13x12. You can put a TV in this area and keep a sofa set. Interior decoration of all the rooms of this plan can also be done, which will make these rooms look even better.
15 feet by 40 feet house plans
Ongoing beyond the living area, comes the kitchen, whose size is 10x8. It is a modular kitchen with all kinds of current fittings. There are cabinets made for separate storage and there is also a shelf on which you can keep the goods.
15x40 house plan
Ongoing beyond the kitchen, comes the bedroom whose size is 9x11. You can maintain a bed and make a cloth wardrobe. After this, an attached washroom has also been made in this room, whose size is 4x7.

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