15x50 house plan

Friday, September 23, 2022

15x50 house plan

15x50 house plan with car parking

This is a 2bhk house plan. The built area of this 15x50 house plan is 750 sqft. This is a modern house plan. This house plan is a 1 bedroom ground floor plan built in an area of 750 square feet. All forms of present-day fittings and facilities are to be had on this plan. 

15X50 house plan

While designing this plan, each small huge has been nicely taken care of. At the beginning of this plan, a parking area has been created, whose size is 9X12, where you can park your vehicles. And in this area, a staircase is also made, from which one can go to the terrace.

15X50 house plan with 2 bedrooms

15x50 house plan

Now on entering the house comes the hall in which you can place the furniture of your choice, put on a TV, and do whatever you want to do the interior decoration. The size of this area is 14x12. Now going ahead from here comes the kitchen whose size is 10x10, it is a modular kitchen in which all types of modern fittings and facilities are available. A wash area has also been made adjacent to the kitchen.

15 50 house plan with 1 bedrooms

After the kitchen comes to the bedroom whose size is 10x13. In this room, you can keep a double bed, install a TV and also make wardrobes. An attached washroom is also made in this room, whose size is 3x7.

20 by 50 2bhk house plan

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