pole barn houses

Monday, September 5, 2022

pole barn houses

pole barn houses Pole barn houses with garden
  • 2400 Sqft
  • 4 Bed
  • 2.5 Bath
  • 2 Hall
  • 1 Park

Plan description

Pole barn houses with garden

This is a modern pole barn houses, 4 bedroom floor plans. If you are planning to build a house and you want your house to be big and spacious, then the Barndominium floor plan will prove to be the best choice. Because barndominium floor plans are built on top of the open concept, they are built in a very large and large area. The plan we will talk about in this post is a 4-bedroom barndominium floor plan.

This is a 4-bedroom barndominium floor plan. The size of each area of this plan has been kept correctly, which means that the size of all the rooms, living area, and washroom size has also been kept according to the same which is standard size.
The size of the living area made in this floor plan is 24×31. The living area remains the largest because this area is the most used or we can say that this area shows how our house can be built from inside because any new person or guest is first of all in this area. comes in.
pole barn houses

Barndominium Pole barn house kits

The kitchen is also built on the same side of the living area and the pantry is also made adjacent to the kitchen. A game room is also built in this floor plan or you can also make this room your office. In this type of floor plan, you will get to see everything that is necessary and or which helps in making your house a completely modern house. After the office comes the master bedroom, this room has an attached washroom and a walk-in closet. Walk in the closet means a room in which a wardrobe and dressing table are made.
pole barn houses
In today's time, everyone prefers to make walk-in closets only because they are very big and convenient. After this come the common rooms. There are 4 bedrooms including the master bedroom. The attached washroom and closet are both made in one bedroom. And in the remaining 2 bedrooms, there is a shared washroom and the closet remains separate from both the rooms.

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