5 bedroom house plans

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

5 bedroom house plans

5 bedroom house plans Indian style with pooja room

This is a 5 bedroom house plan with every kind of modern facilities. The 5 bedroom house plans we will talk about today is a lovely and unique house plan of 2 bedrooms. Both interior and exterior decorations have been done in this plan. Along with the interior, a front elevation design has also been made, which is very attractive to look at.

This plan consists of 5 bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen, a common washroom, a parking area, and a wash area. At the beginning of the plan, the parking area or porch comes first, where you can park your vehicles and do some gardening. The size of this area is 20x22. This is where the staircase is also made, from which one can go to the terrace. 

5 bedroom house plans indian style

5 bedroom house designs

Now on entering the house comes the living area, in this area you can put a TV, keep a sofa set and keep whatever decorative items you want to keep, the size of this area is 18x17. After the living area comes the kitchen, which is 11x13, it is a modular kitchen, in which all types of modern fittings and facilities are available. After the kitchen comes the dining area, whose size is 10x8, and the wash area is also made adjacent to it.

After the kitchen comes the master bedroom, whose size is 13x16, in this room, you can keep a double bed, make a wardrobe and have an attached washroom. After this comes bedroom number 2 whose size is 13x11. In this room you can have a double bed, you can install a TV and you can also make wardrobes. 

The attached washroom is not built in all the rooms of this plan, you will get to see it only in the master bedroom. Now comes bedroom number 3 whose size is 12x11, then bedroom number 4 and 5, the size of both these rooms is 12x13. And in all these rooms, you can place a bed, install a TV and make a wardrobe. Then there is a common washroom in the middle of these rooms, whose size is 7x5.

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